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Choosing Black Area Rugs For Your Home

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There are many types of floor rugs on the market today. Area rugs are the most popular of them all. They come in all sorts of colors that one might be puzzled while making a choice. Though of all the colors, black is one color that will forever remain stylish. Many people assume that black will darken the room. On the contrary, it transforms the room from dull to beautiful. It gives the room that divine look and makes the décor unique.



If you wish to give your room a magical transformation, here are some black area rugs that you can try out:

Black Woolen Area Rug

The black wool area rug is more suitable for rooms with high traffic such as the living room. Wool is a tough material that has long durability and can withstand high traffic without wearing off. You will not go wrong with the black woolen rug because it does not show dirt easily and in any case, it is easy to clean. If your living room has a fireplace, you do not have to worry about your rug catching fire because wool is flame resistant.

The black wool rugs are available in plain black or dominant black with complimentary colors such as white, red, grey and brown.



Black Silk Area Rugs

Silk is a luxurious material and rugs made of this material are quite expensive. However, if you want to add some sense of style and luxury to your home décor, a black silk rug is exactly what you need. The black silk rug makes the décor look creative. The black silk rug can be found in oriental or Persian designs. This type of rug is suitable for areas with less traffic like the bedroom.



Black Shag Area Rug

If you wish to have a different texture feel to your room, simply use a black shag area rug. Shags are made from either synthetic or natural fibers and they come in a variety of styles. The flokati shag is usually the most expensive, and specifically, the black one is very comfortable to the feet and it gives the room a classy look. Apart from the Flokati black shag, other shags that you can buy include black synthetic acrylic shags, black shaggy Aros rugs, cotton jersey shag rugs and black leather shag rugs.



Black Outdoor Area Rugs

The black outdoor rugs as the name suggests are meant for use in outdoor spaces. Most people do not give much attention to the outdoor areas but imagine the transformation a black outdoor rug could make. For outdoor rugs, choose geometrical shapes with wavy or zigzag lines and flower or plant patterns. Buy a black outdoor rug that is easy to clean for maintenance.

Black Sheepskin Area Rugs

A sheepskin rug is an awesome addition to the décor of a room. You can buy one that is made from real sheepskin or synthetic fibers depending on your preferences and budget. A sheepskin rug can be used in numerous creative ways. The rugs may come in the shape of a sheepskin or other shapes. The choices are vast. The black sheepskin rug can be placed in the living room. You can also hang it on the wall.



Add some sense of style to your home today by considering a black area rug. You’ll love the luxurious look it provides.

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The Frequently Asked Questions About Rugs

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One of the best aspects of purchasing rugs from well-reputed stores is the stunning customer care service. We understand that most of you have inquiries pertaining to rugs and we would like to answer them. We tried our best to gather together all inquiries we consistently get from you. Read on and check if yours are recorded and answered.

In case your question is not in the rundown, please don’t be upset as we will be updating this review time after time. We would like this to be a useful asset for everybody.

Questions concerning interior design?

1. In case my room is rectangular, what shape of rugs should I place in my room?

The answer apparently relies upon the sort of furniture you have in the room. Generally, dining rooms are the most repeated rectangular rooms we furnish. Furthermore, a great rule to accompany dining room tables is: “the area rugs tend to look at its best if it’s the same shape as the table, i.e. rectangular with rectangular and round with round.

2. What rug shape should go under a round-table?

The area rug will look best if you place a similar shape rug under the round-table.

3. Can I place a round rug under my rectangular table?

Of course, you can place a round area rug under a rectangular table. But note that it isn’t our first recommendation. If you need to place a round rug under your rectangular table, then purchase a rug which is sufficiently extensive to fit under the whole table.

Questions regarding Rug definitions.

1. What does 40 heap high rug mean?

To begin with, the word heap could be confusing. Heap basically implies the thickness of the filaments. So a shag covers a long and thick heap. A simple approach to remembering it is the same as having a heap of papers, while in case of rugs, you have a heap of filaments/fibers.

2. Is polypropylene healthy for carpets?

Every time, pick natural organic wool rather than polypropylene. There is a full explanation about this, but one thing you should recall is that polypropylene rugs contain VOCs. VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) can be particularly harmful to youthful youngsters, pregnant ladies, and the old people on the ground whose immune systems are weak and defenseless.

3. How do I determine the quality of my rug?

Oriental rugs are hand-crafted using wool, as opposed to machine-made rugs manufactured with synthetic materials. If you want to evaluate the nature and quality of your hand-knotted rug, we prescribe that you take your area rug to an appraiser. There are many other ways you can use to determine the quality of your rug.

4. How much is an oriental rug?

The cost of an oriental rug will rely upon its materials, where you buy it, and size. If you purchase a rug with synthetic materials, it will cost you significantly less compared to a natural wool rug. All wool oriental rugs in stores are sold at prices with the upkeep of the store and the employees’ salaries as the main priority.

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